Different Types Of Wheelchair Ramps

28 Dec

Individuals using wheelchairs in the past used to have great difficulties in accessing certain buildings or areas and especially those with stairs, curbs among others. This posed a great need for the search for something that would help the situation thus the discovery of wheelchair ramps. These ramps have helped a lot for persons in wheelchairs to access areas with a lot more ease, therefore, reducing the limitations that initially existed. It has also helped the difficulties of having to carry someone in a wheelchair in places with stairs for example which required so much energy. Wheelchair ramps have greatly played an important role in the easy movement of wheelchair users, or physically disabled persons. As mentioned before, the stairs are normally difficult to traverse and especially when on a wheelchair. If in case the user has no ramp, he or she might have to be carried to climb up and down the stairs by another person. In most cases, this may not be possible. The wheelchair users propel themselves onto the ramp and it assists in their mobility. Many at times it is not necessary that the house of the wheelchair users has a permanent ramp structure built and especially for those not born with the disability. In cases where the disability is a result of some accident, one can make use of the various other types of ramps at nationalramp.com that are available in the market.

Just in case one is concerned about the safety of the wheelchair user, they can buy the Threshold wheelchair ramps, these kind require the user to overcome a threshold to come onto the ramp. It has a threshold at either end of the ramp. This type is generally used for the exteriors of the house. There are small ones that can also be used for indoors. This kind can also be used to change the floors by the person. There are ones which are most commonly used and they are the Portable wheelchair ramps. They come in various sizes and designs in order to suit any kind of requirement. The portability feature offers the convenience of traveling to more areas that are not wheelchair ramp accessible. Another type is also the Portable Platform wheelchair ramps that can be folded for easy carrying. They are not generally large in size and therefore solve the storage problems during the transport. Learn more about wheelchairs at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelchair.

There are also  Channel portable wheelchair ramps which are suitable for lighting vehicles like cars or vans. They have got standard channel widths that can carry almost all sorts of wheelchairs. If bothered of safety in the channel type ramp can buy the Vehicle wheelchair access ramps. These type can be used to light the buses or other vehicles comfortably. Another advantage of this type is that the problem of placing the wheels of the wheelchair onto the channels is not present in this kind of ramp. Finally, there is the Modular wheelchair ramp type developed as the permanent solutions to the ramp necessities for your home or office. They tend to be expensive when compared to another type of ramps mentioned above and requires the house to have more space to accommodate a typical wheelchair ramp installation.

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